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My name is Ben and I am a freelance Photographer and Videographer based in Newcastle, Australia.


My passion and talent within the fields of Photography and Videography lay dormant for many years until early 2016 when I stumbled across the vlogs of Casey Neistat on YouTube, and was immediately inspired by his unique story-telling techniques. This inspiration, along with an awakening adventure to the U.S. with my girlfriend (and now successful Fashion and Beauty Blogger Melanie May) opened up a world of ideas and opportunity for me to create and inspire in my own way. This exciting new direction prompted me to take my camera out of storage and instead immerse myself in the world of Photography and Videography.


Working full time in sales, every other spare moment I have, I'm busy expressing my creativity within multiple genres of photography and videography. I also work closely alongside Mel, helping her to create and capture content for her successful blog. 


I really appreciate you stopping by for a visit, it means so much to me! Feel free to check out my portfolio, blog and prints which are available for purchase. 


You can also show your support by following and sharing my other pages on InstagramFacebook .


And if you want to get in contact with me directly, just flick me an email!


Many thanks,



“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

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